Chewing – how to handle it


The following information is intended as a guideline only and may help you when you are training your dog.

Chewing is a very natural thing for a dog to do.  It can be a pleasurable thing, something they simply enjoy doing, or it can be because they are feeling stressed and chewing is comforting for them.  As puppies, they may chew as part of the teething process.  All of these reasons are instinctive – they are not chewing just to be naughty!  Dogs are driven by instinct.  If something works for them, if they get something out of it, then they will do it again.  They never do anything just to “get you back”.  With dogs, whatever problem you are dealing with, you should always try to remember that – stay calm and try not to be get frustrated.  Try to think about things from your dog’s angle.

Download the rest of this guide to find out whether your dog is chewing because he is a puppy, or because of stress, separation anxiety or boredom, and how to handle it!

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William’s story

IMG_3286“We were blessed the day William came into our lives 2 years ago, what a special boy he is! William is about 8 years old now and his story is a sad one, no longer wanted by his owner he was handed in to Sussex Pet Rescue as a stray. William was very underweight, weighing only 33 kgs, he had a flea allergy, his skin was red raw and he was filthy dirty. The saddest thing of all is that he is blind and the owner didn’t even realise. We took him to see an eye specialist who informed us that William was born blind, we were told his optic nerves are not attached which is a very a rare condition apparently.

WILLIAM 2-OptimizedDespite everything William is a gentle and loving dog, he touches everyone’s hearts and we are amazed at how well he copes with his blindness. He has such an expressive face and people are always shocked when the realise he is blind as he acts and moves as though he can see. When out walking on our regular route he knows instinctively where to turn and at home he steps over the other dogs where they lie and knows when a dog bed is free for him to lay down on, such a clever boy.William is confident and has great spatial awareness, learning about new environments very quickly.

WILLIAM 4-OptimizedHe now lives with two other GSD’s, Max and Babe, and a Cavalier called Ella. Max and William love to play together and this is amazing to watch. William also loves to play on his own with his ball and he seems to know exactly where it is at all times, incredible really. He also loves his walks and is enjoying life now. We are so pleased that this incredible dog has come into our lives and it is a joy to see him so happy now.”

Jane & Sally