Dog disease Alabama Rot discovered in Sussex!

Please note: the dog disease ‘Alabama Rot’ has been recently reported in the area (please see below).

As you may know, the cause of the disease is still unknown and it’s caught predominantly during the winter months. This is a very serious issue as the fatality rate upon contracting it is around 80% for dogs. The positive is that it is still very rare but with cases in 2017 over doubling compared to the previous year, dog owners need to be made aware of the precautions, signs and available treatments.

Vet Ashley Gray from Vetsure has recently put together a complete 2018 guide with the latest statistics, aimed at informing the public of the disease. The guide is below (along with a section on Lyme Disease, too) should you wish to view it.

Update on adopted dog Max

 I’ve been meaning to write for some time (about 7 years!), just to thank you again and let you know how Max is doing. I don’t suppose you remember Maxie, but he was staying with a big foster home down on the south coast when we first met him back in September 2010. I remember he jumped up at our 6 year old son making him cry! Since then they have been the best of buddies, with our son in recent years insisting that Max even shares his bedroom!

I can’t tell you how much we all adore him, and how he, as my son once said, “is the best thing that has happened to our family”! And Maxie has a pretty good life, he’s always out in the surrounding countryside either with us or his beloved dog walker and his gang of friends. 

He’s well travelled too, having come on holiday with us in our camper, he’s run in meadows in Austria, vineyards in Germany, the hills in Wales, the beaches in France and Holland and Ireland, and open spaces around Bruges in Belgium.

He’s still got a few anxieties, bless him, and not always comfortable with people who don’t have a dog themselves, or a hat on, or a walking stick, or wearing a long dress …….. But he’s super affectionate with us and those he knows and we wouldn’t be without him. So thank you, and keep up the great work you do!

The Cox Family

Update on Stanley

Seven year old Stanley came to live with us on 10th December and settled in very quickly i.e. immediately. He is gentle, loves people, children, other dogs and will walk and walk and walk. He is learning to play now and his favourite game?  Chasing crows who seem to like to play with him – rising about two feet off the ground and landing about 5 feet away to tease him. He is such a joy to watch.

He seemed so relaxed from the start and doesn’t whine or bark or scratch at the doors and is happy to sleep downstairs in his bed (or on the sofa, of course, now that he’s learnt that this is allowed). The only animals he will bark at are cats!

He’s eating well and has even had a bath after all the rain and the muddy walks.  We took him to a groomer as we wanted to learn the best way to bathe him and he wasn’t fazed about that, although not very keen on the hairdryer.

Honestly!  We can’t believe how fortunate we are to find this lovely, sweet boy and decided after 48 hours that we wanted to adopt him.

Sussex Pet Rescue were very thorough about checking with us what sort of dog we could manage and are being very supportive and it’s so reassuring to know that we can check in with them if we have any problems or queries.

So thank you all, and in particular with our contacts, Jan and Helen. We look forward to many happy years with Stanley and are so pleased to be able to give him his forever home.