Thank you for our AchyPaws massage training

“Dr Les” and Chris delivered a fascinating workshop for Sussex Pet Rescue on Sunday. Dog rescuers, fosterers, board members and our founder, Marcia Harris attended with dogs of all ages and breeds.  The training was very much “hands on” and Les had put together a special home massage routine for Sussex Pet Rescue comprising 13 massage techniques.  The workshop finished with some Canine Pilates stretching the dogs out before their trips home.

AchyPaws is based in Saltdean near Brighton.  This is how they describe their work:

Dr Les Ellam and I use specialised knowledge and training from both canine and human massage skills and experience to detect and target troublesome areas in your dog. This will benefit both function and range of movement of their limbs while easing any associated pain. Regular massage for your dog offers a drug free form of pain relief that can help to prevent recurrence of the conditions that caused the pain, keep your pet in top condition, help to maintain their health and comfort and improve their quality of life.”

For more information about AchyPaws see their website or Facebook Page

Some pictures from the day:


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