Update on adopted dog Candy, by new owners Helen and Norman


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On October 5th 2019 Candy came to us or should I say we collected her which by coincidence was exactly 4 years since our beloved Muppet, another Yorkie, passed away. On arrival home she seemed to know which house was ours and stopped outside the gate.

After an exploratory run around the house she settled down finding a corner where she could lay down for a nap. She was home.

Some eight weeks have now elapsed and she has become part of the family. All the ‘ kids’ now grown up, have visited and Candy has given them her approval, even got on with their own dogs although somewhat less than happy with cats!

We are fortunate enough to have the Centurion way nearby which is a pedestrian/cycle way and nowhere close to traffic so she can safely be let off the lead. Strangely enough she seems to have a preference of tarmac as opposed to grass.

Guy Fawkes night(s) was not a pleasant experience for her and she needed lots of comforting to overcome this, she now has a soft travelling carrier to retreat to when it gets too much.

We have spent time in the eight weeks or so that we have had with her trying to find food she likes. Home cooking seems to be her favourite but some foods are not suitable for pets. We have tried all sorts, it seems if we rotate different brands we have a chance she may eat it all, but it does not stop us worrying if she decides not to eat what is put before her. We can rely on dry foods fortunately in most cases.

We are now looking forward to Christmas with Candy and are so grateful for being able to rescue her. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Helen and Norman