SOPHIE has gone to her new home

About Me:

This is Sophie a 10 month old Cavalier Cross. When Sophie first came into our care she was quite nervous of new things and people, but with the help of the foster home she is much more confident now. Sophie is sharing her current home with two other dogs and thoroughly enjoys being with them, playing and learning the way of things from them. She also loves her walks now, discovering new smells, meeting other dogs and people and having fun! She loves to be in the garden with you, helping in her own way by collecting up plastic pots etc. She loves cuddles in the evening and sleeps in her own bed in the foster home’s bedroom as she tends to feel safer that way.

Sophie can have the odd accident in the home, but this only when she gets over excited, but this is also improving. Sophie would be good in a home with people that have at least one other dog so long as they aren’t bigger than a Border Collie, as very big dogs make her nervous. Sophie would be fine around children over the age of 8 years as they would have more understanding of when she gets a little unsure about things. Sophie can be left for short periods of time but this does have to be with another dog as she likes the company.

There is a cat in the foster home who isn’t frightened of Sophie when she barks at him, so now she just doesn’t look at him and only barks at him when in the garden and then she runs back indoors! At times she needs to get used to different sounds both inside and outside of the home, but after a while she settles down and is fine. She likes to go out in the car and look out of the window to see what is going on. For more information about Sophie please call Helen on 01444 400371 between 9-6pm.

Breed: Cavalier cross
Age Group: Up to 2 years
Gender: Female
Size: Small
Friendly with: Dogs, Cats, Children, Other people
Special Care:

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