MYLO has gone to his new home

About Me:

Mylo is a 1 year old male Blue Roan/black/white cocker spaniel. He was bought as a puppy by a family during lockdown, unfortunately he did not receive any training or socialisation during this time. It soon became clear that the family could not cope with his energy levels and that Mylo was probably bred from a working line therefore needing more than a family pet home could offer him.
Mylo is a high energy dog, very busy, very vocal with lots to say! He achieved advanced obedience level training in just 3 months and thrives on learning new tasks and skills. Mylo is being fostered by a very experienced Sussex Pet Rescue foster home, where he has been receiving training, structure and guidance. Mylo is now looking for a new forever home where he can continue his training. We are looking for an enthusiast’s home for Mylo, where the new owners are experienced, knowledgeable and keen to take part in obedience/agility/tracking type training. It is essential that Mylo is able to use his abundance of mental and physical energy taking part in training under the guidance of his new owners.
Mylo could live with another calm, steady dog, or he would be happy as an only dog. He walks well on the lead and is gaining in confidence when meeting people and learning social skills when meeting other dogs, needing guidance to stay calm during introductions. His favourite game is searching out hidden toys, he also loves to play fetch. He can be needy and will seek affection. He has been trained to sleep in his crate and needs to be encouraged to settle and rest. Given half a chance Mylo would be on the go 24 hours a day! Mylo is learning to be left for short periods of time and he travels well in the car. He had been neutered before he came in to our foster care, he has been fully vaccinated and microchipped and is housetrained.  Please note, Mylo would not be suitable for a home with young children.
If you live in Sussex (or very close) and are experienced, knowledgeable and keen to get involved in obedience, agility or tracking with Mylo,  please call Paula on 01372 274484 between 9 and 6. If you have to leave a message, she will call you back but please, read out your phone number slowly and clearly as we have been unable to respond to people whose numbers we couldn’t hear properly.  If you live outside Sussex and are not  experienced with working dogs, please do not apply as this boy needs a particular kind of home.

Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Age Group: Up to 2 years
Gender: Male
Size: Medium
Friendly with: Dogs, Other people
Special Care:

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