About Me:

Stella is a small to medium sized female cross breed and is 3 years old. Sadly, due to a house move Stella’s owner could no longer keep her. Stella is a sweet heart with a soft, gentle nature and just wants to be involved with everything!
Initially Stella can be a little timid and shy but very quickly will make friends with you and her confidence comes through. Stella is super affectionate and likes nothing better than to snuggle up for a cuddle and a tummy rub. Stella walks beautifully on the lead and doesn’t pull, she is growing in confidence every day and really enjoys getting out and meeting other dogs, she is friendly and sociable with all the dogs she meets.
Stella is learning to play with toys and is a bright girl who just loves to please you, she is excellent around children too. With lots of time, patience and gentle handling, Stella will make a wonderful, loyal companion. She is fully house trained and can be left for short periods of time.
If you would like to find out more about Stella, or if you would like to meet her then please call Helen on 01444 400371.

Breed: Cross Breed
Age Group: 2 - 5 years
Gender: Female
Size: Medium Height:  Weight: 11 kgs
Friendly with: Dogs, Other people
Special Care:

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