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Some of the latest news about what we have been up to here at Sussex Pet Rescue.

HELP with the cost of veterinary treatment in Sussex

We can help with the cost of veterinary treatment


These are people who are prepared to look after a dog in their own home for as long as it takes us to find permanent and loving homes. This could be a matter of days, weeks or even a few months but it gives us a chance to assess the needs of the particular dog e.g. can he/she live with another dog, older children, cats, etc. It also provides us with an opportunity to check the health of the dog and to vaccinate, micro-chip and neuter.

Upper Dicker Dog Show – thanks for coming!

A great day out for you and your dog in aid of Sussex Pet Rescue

Mylo lost

Mylo is still lost, please keep an eye out for him

Dog disease Alabama Rot discovered in Sussex!

Please note: the dog disease ‘Alabama Rot’ has been recently reported in the area.

Update on adopted dog Max

I’ve been meaning to write for some time (about 7 years!), just to thank you again and let you know how Max is doing. I can’t tell you how much we all adore him, and how he, as my son once said, “is the best thing that has happened to our family”!

Contact Numbers

To apply to adopt / foster:
Marcia Harris – 01273 551815
Jan Meredith – 01403 864742
Chris Thornton-Clough – 01273 553735
Helen Barnes – 01444 400371
Paula Hamblin – 01273 270636

For advice on neutering:
Jan Meredith – 01403 864742

To help with fundraising:
Keren O’Mahony – 01273 725943

General help & advice:
Kate Tapper

Dogs for adoption