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Some of the latest news about what we have been up to here at Sussex Pet Rescue.

Does Your Dog Have Behavioural Issues?

Mark Bridger can help with behavioural issues.

Update on Mojo

With a lot of work, patience and advice from other instructors Mojo began to respond to the training. She was eventually able to join in the training sessions with the display team.

In Memory of "Charlie Boy"

“A very big ‘thank you’ to SPR for introducing us to our “Charlie Boy”. “A dog will give you some of the best days of your whole life … and one of the saddest”. Read about Barrie and Ann’s 16 years with their beloved Charlie Boy.

Your dog and Fireworks

Early experiences are very important in the development of puppies and if dogs are exposed to a variety of sights and sounds from an early age, they are less likely to have adverse reactions when they mature.

Chewing – how to handle it

Is your dog or puppy chewing? At your wit’s end? Download our guide to find out how to handle it.



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