A little about fostering

We don’t have kennel facilities. All our dogs are placed in ‘foster homes’ whilst they wait to be re-homed. These are people who are prepared to look after a dog in their own home for as long as it takes us to find permanent and loving homes.

This could be a matter of days, weeks or even a few months but it gives us a chance to assess the needs of the particular dog e.g. can he/she live with another dog, older children, cats, etc. It also provides us with an opportunity to check the health of the dog and to vaccinate, micro-chip and neuter.

These wonderful ‘foster homes’ give the dog love, time and exercise etc freely. However, Sussex Pet Rescue always pays for expenses such as petrol and all food and veterinary bills.

When we need more foster homes, a message will appear on the website and our facebook page, so please keep watching.

As with adoption, we also carry out home checks for new fosterers and we ask you to sign a form indemnifying Sussex Pet Rescue from any damage that may be caused to the foster home, although in reality, only on a very few occasions has any damage been caused.

Fostering Requirements

The requirements necessary for ‘fostering’ are given below:

  • Some experience of taking care of a dog is needed.
  • Someone at home most of the day as dogs may be insecure if they have lost their homes.
  • A secure garden.
  • Have no very young children who may not understand that insecure dogs need their own space and time to adapt.
  • Most of all you need a love of dogs and patience with their behaviour when it isn’t quite up to scratch. They occasionally need help with house training and learning not to chew etc!

Before we take a dog into our care, he/she is assessed and we do not take in fighters or biters.

Apply to foster (not to adopt).

Please read the Fostering Requirements first

  • If you wish to foster a specific animal, please tell us who