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I thought I would contact you now as it’s 2 months since Hannah came to share my life. She is sitting here beside the computer with me as I write. I couldn’t have found a more affectionate and biddable companion.

She really has settled in extremely well and each day she shows me a new side to her character. She is SO friendly to everyone, people and dogs, which is a change for me as Henry was a bit of a barker with some other dogs. The only time she seems to bark is when the lead comes out! Not even at the postman.

She is more than happy to stay with John or my neighbour, where there is a friendly Shitzu bitch for playtime, if I know I am to be away from the house for more than 2-3 hours. She has been well behaved indoors with not an accident from day one.

We visit John’s sister at her farm in West Grinstead every week and Hannah made instant friends with the three labs. She loves the freedom there and runs and runs; sometimes losing herself in the woods but returns finally when called, usually rather damp and muddy, which doesn’t bother her at all whereas Henry wouldn’t walk through a puddle. We have such fun together.

I have to thank you for making the arrangements for her to come to me – I’m sure her future with me is going to be a long and happy one.


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