Update on Max


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Max has been with his new family for two weeks and has settled in brilliantly. His daily routine involves a good walk on the South Downs in the morning playing lots of ball games, Max usually manages to lose at least two tennis balls during his walk as they get covered in mud and disappear!  His new family keep a plentiful supply of new tennis balls at the ready!Max 1-Optimized
Max comes home after his walk to snooze on his duvet and have a good cuddle and tummy rub. Later in the afternoon, and having explored the garden, it’s off for his afternoon walk and then home for tea. Max 4-OptimizedMax is a very happy boy and we are delighted that he has found such a lovely family to give him his new forever home. Max 3-OptimizedMax is off for his first camping holiday soon with his family, which we are sure he will really enjoy.

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