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My name is Roger Langstone and I am a training instructor at the Essex Dog Training centre. I first heard about Mojo from Paula, another instructor who is a Trustee with Sussex Pet Rescue.

Mojo came into my life rather unexpectedly. I had wanted a dog for some time but there was always a reason not to- I was too busy, timing was wrong etc. I saw a short video of Mojo with Paula on BBC Sussex where she appeared live on their Facebook stream and on the Danny Pike show. She was up for adoption was I was keen to meet her. Before I had the chance she found a new home.      


Philosophically I decided that it was not meant to be. However Mojo’s dominant personality meant that she struggled to settle in and it seemed that living in a single dog home might suit her better. I went to meet her. She came home with me that night and has made herself firmly part of the family.

Initially Mojo displayed a large amount of aggression to other dogs and was extremely stubborn to train. I wanted to train her as part of the Essex Dog Display team but she was too unpredictable and aggressive. With a lot of work, patience and advice from other instructors Mojo began to respond to the training. She was eventually able to join in the training sessions with the display team.

Mojo has gone from strength to strength. She is now able to take part in the public displays. She has a big personality and loves to learn. The time and energy put into her socialisation and training has begun to pay off. Her aggression is slowly improving, while it still requires management, she can now be walked and work near other dogs with less stress for all involved.

Another recent addition to the family is my wife Kate. Mojo tried her best to steal the limelight on our wedding day and was at both the ceremony and reception. Sadly Mojo will only be with the display team for one season as we are all moving out to Australia. Who knows – maybe the start of the Northern Territory Dog display team?

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