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IMG_0539Wiley is a seven year old Staffie cross who had been with Sussex Pet Rescue for quite a while receiving the necessary medical treatment she so desperately needed.  Eventually she was ready for adoption. As soon as I saw her on the SPR website I phoned Jan.  Just over a week later Wiley moved in with me.  The whole adoption process was very thorough and friendly and, apart from finding out all about Wiley from Jan,  I also spoke to Paula, Wiley’s foster mum in Eastbourne.  I then visited Wiley and Paula, then I had a home check from (another) Paula and a few days later I went back to Eastbourne and, feeling very guilty about taking her away from such a loving and caring foster home, brought Wiley back to Hove.  Fosterer Paula gave me a ‘Wiley’ bag with Wiley’s medication and a very helpful written account of Wiley’s ‘habits’.  Jan ‘phoned the following day to see how Wiley was. Wiley had found her spot on the sofa that first afternoon!  A couple of weeks later Paula did a follow up home check to make sure Wiley had settled in and everything was going well.  Wiley was on her best behaviour, but then she always is! 
Considering everything she has been through, she is so friendly, playful and adores cuddles.  Her tail is constantly wagging. Her favourite thing to do is to carry two tennis balls in her mouth, especially when we go for a walk.  This brings smiles to most people we pass.  Quite often they stop and ask questions about her.  I always explain that she is a rescue dog.  I think I fell in love with Wiley the first time I saw her and I’m so grateful to SPR for allowing me to adopt such a delightful dog.  Wiley takes all visits to the vets in her stride and will have to take medication for the rest of her life.  She is also on a strict walking regime while the muscles on her back leg strengthen.  As I write this Wiley is sitting on the sofa looking at me, those  two staffie ears standing upright, with two tennis balls in her mouth and her tail is wagging.IMG_0550
SPR: We are very grateful to Pat for adopting Wiley and taking her on with her existing heath conditions, we were looking for a very special home for Wiley as she is a very special girl and we certainly found that with Pat. Sussex Pet Rescue covered the cost of Wiley’s skin treatment and her knee surgery and will continue to cover any costs relating to these pre existing conditions. Wiley has made an amazing recovery and is thoroughly enjoying her new life with Pat, what a perfect outcome for this lovely dog.
Sussex Pet Rescue is committed to covering the cost of treatment for any pre existing medical condition for any of our dogs when they are adopted.

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