“Kay” Our Lovely Staffie


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Over the years we have owned a large variety of dogs, fifteen in all, with our favourites being Lurchers and Terriers. Such lovely dogs but a hunting combination to beat all others! We live in the country and often suddenly come upon deer which would involve a long chase for the dogs and a long wait for me! They always returned tongues lolling and so happy, but I would be very anxious, worried and often freezing cold! In fact all those hours of waiting probably caused my grey hair!

I decided that the next dog we adopted must not be a hunter and when a Staffie called Rae was being fostered and sounded lovely, I couldn’t recall the breed having a strong prey drive so went to see her. Of course, she came home with me to meet an elderly Lurcher and a Terrier. She came in and tore round the house, upstairs and downstairs, like something possessed, whilst the other two looked on in amazement! After this initial display of Staffie exuberance, she quietened down and fitted in immediately accepting straight away that Bailey was in charge. We renamed her Kay.

My friend complains how I constantly eulogise about Kay’s qualities but she really is the best dog I have ever had. She’s funny, affectionate, sensitive and above all extremely loyal. She behaves excellently with other dogs and is always ready for a game and is very respectful with older dogs. She likes swimming and loves nothing more than racing with a like-minded dog across the lakes on our walks. During this summer’s hot weather, Kay often stands in our garden pond, dipping her head under the water only to surface draped in lily leaves and pond weed!

Kay is so well behaved in the house and if the doorbell rings, there is no mad barking but she calmly goes to the door with me to see who is there. She loves people and is a firm favourite with our postman and delivery drivers. There is no panic to keep doors or gates closed because she wouldn’t dream of going out on her own.

She really is the perfect dog and I am so disappointed that it has taken so many years to discover what a beautiful breed Staffies are and so I would always suggest to prospective owners that they consider adopting one.

Helen and Derek Barnes