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In January, whilst out on a dog walk with friends, I had a call from my step-daughter-in-law asking if I knew anyone who would take on a Staffie as the owner had recently been discovered dead in his house. He had been dead for over a week and poor Tippy had been left with no food or water.

I immediately thought of Sussex Pet Rescue and contacted them straight away. They were happy to take her on but had no available foster homes and therefore I agreed to foster her. In the meantime, she had been taken to the Council kennels and probably would have been euthanised as she was 12 years old, a Staffie that nobody from the family wanted!

Even so it was quite a battle to get them to sign her over, but eventually her late owner’s son was contacted and agreed that it was OK. She was duly delivered to me the next morning by the Dog Warden. I didn’t know what to expect as I have never owned a Staffie but had a fragile 18 year old Yorkie at home.

Tippy came in and sat down immediately as if she belonged. She didn’t make a fuss or try to follow the Dog Warden when he left and I think she must have been so exhausted with everything that had gone on.

After exploring the garden and having something to eat, she crawled into the crate we already had and curled up. That night we didn’t hear a peep but we had a lovely welcome in the morning and she was so gentle with Emmy the Yorkie.

Tippy has had a few health issues to sort out as it seems she never saw a vet for quite a few years, but all issues are under control now. I have got to say that she is the easiest and most well behaved dog I have ever had and such a character.

Sadly I lost Emmy just after Tippy arrived so she has been great company. I was determined to try to rehome her, but after a long conversation with Jan of Sussex Pet Rescue, we agreed she should remain here.

As far as Tippy is concerned this is her home and she is so happy and is now part of our family. We love her very much.

Alison Reynolds