Wag Week is here! See below for all the details.


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Coronavirus update: foster homes now available for re-homing dogs.
If you need to re-home your dog, please ring Helen on 01444 400371.
Coronavirus update: if someone else walks your dog, make sure they use their own lead and wipe down collar or harness.
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‘Wag Week’ is an online event taking place from 1st March and there will be a different guest speaker every evening at 7.30pm. It is completely free to join a talk, you can join as many as you like, there’s nothing you have to subscribe to and you won’t get any emails. It will be held via Zoom, here is the schedule of events and Zoom links:
Mon 1st March Kathy Hobson from Dog First Aid: How to be a doggy superhero. Kathy gives you an overview of Dog First Aid, tips on what to do in an emergency and a guide to what you should have in your first aid kit.
Meeting ID: 840 1644 3433
Passcode: 401061
Tues 2nd March Mark Bridger-Pescott from Bone Canis: On-lead reactivity. Mark draws on his superior knowledge and experience to teach us all about the causes of on-lead reactivity and what we can do about it.
Meeting ID: 848 5600 4880
Passcode: 419802
Wed 3rd March Alison Wright from Wheelgates: Training Your Dog – It’s Not Rocket Science
Meeting ID: 863 0035 7398
Passcode: 643336
Thurs 4th March Lucy Platt from EasyDogwalker: Taking The Lead. Lucy discusses leadership using Amichien Bonding – a dog listening approach that is holistic and about ‘being more dog’.
Meeting ID: 884 1211 2049
Passcode: 146593
Fri 5th March Charlotte & Mel from Dog Grooming by Melanie and Charlotte: Why use a professional groomer, and tips to make home grooming easier and less stressful
Meeting ID: 867 4989 1366
Passcode: 652208
Sat 6th March Kathleen Tepperies from Fun Trick Dog Training: Trick Training – Nose, Paws and Peekaboo. Kathleen rounds off the week with some fun tricks you can enjoy teaching your dog, from beginner to more advanced.
Meeting ID: 864 3540 7717
Passcode: 610287