Assistance with Vet Charges Application.

All sections of this form MUST be fully completed or it will not go through.

Please note, we cannot accept applications for neutering or spaying from 25th May until 10th July. Your application will be deleted, please reapply then.

  • Each case will be assessed individually.

Help with vet’s fees and neutering costs
(in Sussex). Please note, neutering help is suspended 25th May to 10th July.

Help with the cost of vet’s fees

At Sussex Pet Rescue, we appreciate that some owners of companion animals find it hard to cope with the increasing cost of Veterinary treatment.

Although it is a very good idea to take out Insurance for your companion animal, not all medical conditions are covered, especially if the condition is pre-existing.

If you are finding it difficult to cover the cost of Veterinary treatment and would like to apply for help, please complete the application form. If you have difficulty with the form, please send us an email to explaining your situation and why you need our help.

We do appreciate that every case and every circumstance is different and for that reason we assess everyone on an individual basis.  Obviously help also depends on Sussex Pet Rescue having adequate funds available.

Please note you must live in Sussex to qualify for this assistance.

Our Veterinary Help Policy

  • All pet owners receiving financial support from the Government or who are on a low income may qualify for our help (although each case is assessed individually).
  • In some circumstances we may refer you to another organisation for help with vet treatment or neutering.
  • Sussex Pet Rescue may be able to help you by contributing part of the cost of vet treatment or neutering for your dog, cat or small animal.
  • We pay vets, not the owners of pets so please apply before your vet requires payment.
  • One of our aims is to help as many owners as we possibly can, to be responsible and have their pets neutered. We have helped numerous owners throughout East and West Sussex over many years with a contribution towards the cost of neutering.